Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life's a Beach

The first few days I moved down ihere to coco beach i didnt' know what tot do wit myself. Wit JOhnnie being disiplined and me bein put on diasability, i was in a pretty down place. So i made a deal wit myslef. Just change everythign. So I started gettin up at dawn and eating a good brekfast. Some egg whties and fresh oj and fruit. Then eveyr monring I would cross over Rt A1A and walk the beach. All the way from my part up past Ron Jon surf shop and the pier. Id look for seashells. wathch the waves and the early mornin surfers. Then walkd back and shwoer.

Look at this view. Not half bad.

Some days I watched the last of the space shuttle take offs. I walked the malls on rainy days. and made frienes with a bunch of new yrok transplants. One of which actually HAD a transplant. A liver. I tell ya. Its not a bad way to live. It sure beat wakin up and goin to sleep to honking horns, diesel fumes and screaming pimps.

ITs been mostly heaven. Im thinkin about buying a little boat with some a my pension. Or maybe I should just save it buy my own little bar. Now that I dont' pay no more alimony cause Betty, Betty, Bonnie and Beverly are all remarried, I got plenty a extra cash to spend.

I'm still tryin to think a a name for my detective agency. i got my first client tonight. shes comin by around 6. Gonna meet her at the pier bar. Should be interestin. Never done solo dick work before....

YOu no what i mean.

--Gristle out

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